Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) or Pre-Insulated Panel (PIP) Construction - portable, strong, lightweight Green Magic Homes "Agrotunnels" allow full control, of light, humidity and temperature for soil or aeroponic based fruits and vegetables to be grown in the harshest of environments year round.

Food Grade Agrotunnels installed outdoors are covered in a soy based closed cell insulation and waterproofing. They blend into the natural terrain using locally sourced ground cover and vegetation for increased insulation and full protection from the elements.

Single Agrotunnel's are available in unlimited length possibilities.

Base Model (Single) Agrotunnel minimum is 1070 sq ft (99.5 M2)

Double, triple & more design allows for full mixed crop use.

Double Unit Agrotunnel minimum is 2188 sq ft (203.5 M2)

Green Magic Home designs are a proven technology that work in extreme hot or cold locations, anywhere in the world.

Light weight design - Ease of construction

Individual panel sections weigh 75% less per square foot than traditional building materials and are easily assembled by hand. A little over 4'x8' in size these panels can be shipped by air, boat, truck or sled. Individual panels can be sent using available empty cargo space on regularly scheduled flights or in empty space in containers already bound for your remote community saving thousands of dollars in shipping costs.

Typical remote region installation is shown below.

Simple Site Prep

Local Labour

Lightweight Design

Summer Season Construction


Remote Locations

Strong & Secure


Lightweight - Fire proof - Strong* - Energy efficient - Fast construction - Low maintenance

R-50 Insulation** - Fireproof***

*Certified to Hurricane Category 5**R-50 achieved by application of 7.5" of Heatlok SOY closed-cell polyurethane eco-foam (contains 14% recycled plastic bottle content) and 20cm of local ground cover.***G1 GOST 30244-94 Inflammable in SNIP 21/01/97

Indoor Installation is also an option....on any flat surface inside existing empty community real estate or under-developed interior space would greatly reduce operating costs and construction time/investment.

Re-purposing an inexpensive existing empty flat slab building as a grow hub in your community saves time and money:

  • by only humidifying and warming the plants inside the Agrotunnel and not wasting heat and energy warming the entire building airspace.

  • Only lighting the areas directly over the plants reduces the number of light fixtures and power requirements.

  • Recycling the water used inside the sealed Agrotunnel reduces utility load on the community.

  • Lower heating costs through wind protection provided by the host building will reduce the total operating costs and the crop production price to the community.

  • Allows the ability for "out of season" construction by being indoors.

Our design eliminates the need for natural sunlight or seasonal growth, so outdoor installation is not necessary. Airtight construction keeps heat, humidity, lights and temperature on the plants and completely under your control, without damaging the host building envelope.

Assemble inside for added weather protection and reduced operating costs

Outside before insulation covering

Lightweight - ease of construction on site with no heavy equipment required for assembly

Heatlok SOY based spray foam insulation

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