Cannabis Structures

Cannabis Security Structure Applications

Secure - Purity Controlled - Plant and Employee Safety - Increased ROI

Agrotunnels combined with our EMS lighting, Anaerobic Biodigestion, Nutrient Fertilization and CO2 Supplement are all vital parts of a successful legal Cannabis growing plan.

Traditional Greenhouses are not the answer.

Re-purposed floral or produce greenhouses currently being retrofitted by licensed corporate growing corporations today are old, inefficient, seasonal vegetation structures, not meant for year round growing.

Many existing empty greenhouses in the real estate market currently being purchased by licensed growers are available because they have been abandoned and are in various states of disrepair and contain outdated, inefficient or non functioning watering and support systems. Leaky or missing panes and ill fitting poly-carbonate/glass panels. Established mold issues and possibly contaminated infrastructure. They have high costs for heating/cooling and humidifying over the growing season due to the extreme temperature shifts inside of a greenhouse throughout the extended growing season. Day to day differences caused by full sunlight high temperature conditions, cooler cloud cover and active humidity shifts can cost thousands in operating costs to keep your plants safe and productive. This increased cost to producers over the year between lack of air movement and deadly high temperatures trapped inside in the peak of summer, to freezing temperatures and incredibly high heating costs for these enormous, thin glass or plastic walled spaces in the winter.

All of these changes in conditions cause stress to the plants, inhibit successful plant growth, can trigger early flowering and lead to production losses from non quality or purity waste.

In the case of medical marijuana specifications, growing large amounts of plants in various stages of growth in an open warehouse setting can cause cross contamination, pollination feminization and inconsistent terpene profiles, CBD and THC levels.

This open setting massive greenhouse growing model also allows for the possibility of insect or fungal introduction from the outside environment which could effect all of your plant inventory destroying months of work and time and costing you millions in operating capital and production/delivery losses.

FSSC Agrounnel technology gives the grower complete temperature and humidity control. We can separate or isolate specific plant strains and plant growth levels into smaller specific groups to protect other plant inventories from insect or fungal invaders. Our Agrotunnels are not effected by day to day or season to season sunlight, heat or cold variables. We reduce the area above and around the plants to light, heat and humidify. This reduces operations costs per plant and creates an airtight, controllable, non-stressed envelope to grow your plants in.

You have full purity and strain control and consistent operating costs day to day and year to year.

Why heat, light and humidify all of the wasted airspace above the plants in a typical giant greenhouse. The 11' ceilings in our airtight Agrotunnels reduce the total airspace to heat, light and humidify per plant.

Revolutionary Lighting - Save $$$

We bring the lights down to the plants to get the most potential out of each plant. Our lighting system is low wattage (60 watts per panel) saving thousands of dollars in electrical costs over the typical HID or LED spectrum lights available today. Low wattage means no heat, so we can place the lights directly above the plants without increasing the transpiration levels, thus reducing stress on the plants and tremendously reduced water costs.

Safety - Electromagnetic Spectrum lighting is safe to work under without the need for eye and skin protection for employees. (Originally developed for human health applications, your employees may actually feel better working in our lights) No limitations on time and exposure for workers, no UVA or UVB damage to plants, increased plant water retention, increased CO2 uptake in the plants at a cellular level. The ability to operate lighting for up to 22 hours a day with a minimal need for a "rest and repair cycle" as found with typical HID or LED lighting. This speeds up plant growth and your production/profitability.

Note: flowering can be triggered by cycles of 12 hours on and 12 hours off, when it is appropriate.

The Complete Cannabis Solution

Agrotunnels are scale-able and can be built in multiples to provide exact growing conditions for each stage in a plants life cycle.

Four separate Agrotunnels for Germination, Seedling, Vegetation and Flowering can be built to each have different humidity, nutrition, temperature and light levels, providing optimal success at each stage of growth.

Each Agrotunnel acts as a complete "terrarium" which by design is airtight, easily and inexpensively climate controlled and adds an additional layer of secure access control to the plants for government and employee oversight.

The Real ESTATE Solution

Real Estate options to acquire and set up growing operations are now opened up since the Agrotunnels can be built inside of inexpensive undeveloped real estate which is plentiful and inexpensive....without massive retrofit or remediation costs.

We can build on flat cement floors, in open warehouse or re-purposed buildings without the risk of future internal damage or mold growth risks to the host structure through humidity and day to day growing operations.

The surrounding host building airspace creates a temperature buffer that helps maintain the Agrotunnels average temperature without the high cost of heating or cooling the entire host warehouse structure.

Combining this added level of security and plant protection, cheaper real estate purchase or leasing costs, increase in potential grow operations locations in areas zoned commercial rather than agricultural, reduced heating and lighting costs, limited retrofitting expenses in the overall structure......all of these points make installing Agrotunnels indoors the most profitable growing solution.