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EMS Grow Lights

We are using the best and most energy efficient Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) LED grow lighting available today. Our lights increase plant water retention on a cellular level, reducing the amount of water required for the life of the plant. Our EMS lighting also creates quicker CO2 uptake within the plant, creating healthier, faster producing plants more resistant to pests and mold attack. Increasing CO2 uptake on average produces 25% faster plant growth and fruit production.

The lighting system we use is a more efficient and natural approach to grow lighting; different from typical High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps used in greenhouses today, and different from typical Light Emitting Diode (LED) grow lighting systems. In an EMS system we utilize a unique blend of invisible spectra on the Infrared range. This blend of higher nano-meter range frequencies actually interacts with the visible spectra present in the fixture, and alters the characteristic of their wavelengths.

The EMS wavelength energy emitted penetrates through the entire plant, right through to the roots. When utilizing EMS technology, micromole (umol) measurement (photons of light passing through a given area) and Photo-synthetically Active Radiation (PAR) analysis are not an accurate tally of the complete spectrum the plants are stimulated by. It is actually the coupling of these different energy sources that are relevant to create a more efficient means of affecting the growth performance of the plant.

The low wattage, low heat lighting systems we employ allow for 24 hour lighting to promote up to 15-25% more plant growth per week.

Our re-harvest program permits repeated weekly micro harvests of the same mature plant. Many plants yield more product over 10 - 40 weeks than if grown to full maturity and whole harvested once.

This creates faster cash flow after germination.

Fresher tasting baby greens. Weekly harvest = crispy product fresh off the plant after just a week of growth. Less crop waste or loss per plant and a very reduced re planting schedule, reduced labour cost and reduced inputs costs to operate.

The MOST Eco-Friendly Grow Lights Available

  • Electromagnetic Spectrum Lighting

  • Lightweight - Low shipping cost/fixture

  • Durable - Impact resistant design survives shipping & daily use and abuse. Heat, Cold, Humidity & Water resistant

  • Low Power - 60 watts per light (1/6th the power needed compared to typical full spectrum grow lights)

  • Little to no heat from the lights. (heat = wasted energy and shorter operating life)

  • Long Life - No parts to wear out or replace

  • Safe for humans and plant use 24 hours a day. No rest period required when exposed to plants means a faster growing cycle and more harvests per year

EMS Light Energy Theory

Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) energy is created by wavelengths generated by the invisible light spectrum. Visible light also has electromagnetic properties, however its shorter wavelengths are weaker and less penetrative. The stronger energy of these invisible spectrum's, interacting with the visible spectrum, alters the characteristics of the waves of their visible counterparts, and when coupled with the different colors of the visible spectrum, creates a delivery system that increases the penetrative values of the lesser wavelengths.

Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) energy reacts with the physiology of humans, animals, and plants. These deep penetrating wavelengths, generated by the invisible spectrum, that in nature are relevant during the day and night, actually excite molecular activity…


  • 12” x 12” x 1 1/2” Panel

  • Removable front acrylic high transmittance shield.

  • Conformal Coated PCB is resistant to water and high humidity.

  • Performs well in hot and cold conditions

  • Producing no significant heat, allows for closer proximity to plants with less de-hydration resulting in more efficient water usage. Generally better for C3 Plants.

  • Suitable for all growth phases

  • Covers up to a 5’x5’ (25 square foot) area

  • 60 watts

  • Plug in Power supply

  • Line-in Voltage: 90-309vac (higher voltages available upon request, additional cost applies)

  • Line-out Voltage: 24/48vdc (12vdc upon request)

  • 40kHz-will not interfere with other electronic equipment

  • 6 ft 12/0 power cord, with 3 prong Hubbell style plug. (Twist-lock and other styles available upon request, additional cost applies)

  • 60 Diode Array: Full Spectrum White (Daylight source), Red, and EMS (Electromagnetic Spectrum) blended Invisible spectrum. The LEDStorm Grow Spectrum emits an unique wavelength energy field that penetrates through the entire plant, through the soil, right into the root system, interacting with the plant’s physiology in ways other lights cannot. The visible spectrum also produces a natural looking source that will not distort the appearance of your plants and creates a more pleasant working environment.

  • Fixture comes with Yoke, Bail Block, Pipe Clamp, and Carabiner-makes it easy to rig a variety of ways in any location.

  • Fixture Weight (with rigging): 3Lbs 2 ounces

  • Fixture With attached power supply (with rigging): 4Lbs 2 ounces

  • REDUCED Water needs for the same growth

  • Reduced nutrient/fertilizer load for healthy plants

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