From The Front-Lines

Food Security Structures Canada has had the pleasure and honour to work with a variety of clients across Canada and around the world. Here are just a few of their stories from the front-lines of growing.

Adragone Aeroponics

Adragone Aeroponics is a high-tech indoor farm founded by Jody Spangler in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The original farm was known as Windy Hill Farm and was established in the late 1700s. The family has enjoyed growing and harvesting fresh produce for 5 generations.

Adragone was founded upon the belief that it is necessary to preserve the environment, including water, open space, and real estate, to ensure the future health of our planet and ourselves. Jody has proven results showing how vertical aeroponic growing systems allows for minimal water use while maximizing growing space and producing very high crop yields.

Business Profile

  • Years in Operation – 10+ years (aeroponics)

  • Size – 1000 sq feet

  • Growing Systems Used – Over 4,600 vertical aeroponic ports plus grow bins

  • Crops – Diverse crops including lettuces, herbs, flowers, strawberries

  • Average Monthly Yield – 2.5-3 oz per port

  • Distribution Model: 50:50 Wholesale-Retail

  • Wholesale to restaurants, local market, and On Farm Market

Amherst-Island MicroGreens

Amherst-Island MicroGreens offers nutrient dense Microgreens to the residents of Amherst Island, providing access to fresh, nutritious greens all year round to this island community in Eastern Ontario. Utilizing the unique lighting and growing technologies provided by FSSC, they have maximized yields and reduced operating costs, providing a solid ROI on their crops.

Business Profile

  • Years in Operation – 1 years

  • Size200 square feet

  • Growing Systems Used – 1 microgreen towers with capacity for 18 trays harvesting per week

  • Crops – Diverse crops of microgreens including sunflowers, broccoli, radish, kale, beets, buckwheat, and herbs

  • Distribution Model: Direct to customer bi-monthly subscription

Maple Point Farms

Maple Point Farms Inc. is a family farm dedicated to providing the local community with fresh, green, and local produce. Using the latest aeroponic technologies, they grow a variety of lettuce, spinach, kale, herbs and microgreens. In April of 2020, they converted one of their pig barns into a controlled environment in which to produce plants to feed their community. Work began in July and by the end of the year Maple Point Farms was harvesting and selling fresh, local produce. They are currently planning for their Phase 2 expansion which will see their space grow from 1000 sq ft to over 6000 sq ft of growing space.

By used a controlled environment agricultural system, Maple Point Farms is able to keep plants safe from all pests and bacteria. Because of the controlled environment there is no need for pesticides or herbicides. Their anaerobic digester produces nutrients for the plants using food scraps and organic materials. Plants are grown year-round and repeatedly harvested every 1-2 weeks depending on the plant. Plants are often able to be harvested 4-5 times without losing nutrients and taste.

With the fragile food chain in Canada and around the world, as well as climate uncertainty, Maple Point Farms Inc. is determined to fill in the food security gap and keep fresh, leafy greens on your table.

Business Profile

  • Years in Operation – 2 years

  • Size – 1000 sq feet with additional 6000 sq feet expansion planned for 2022

  • Growing Systems Used – Over 5,700 vertical aeroponic ports plus 3 microgreen towers with over 100 trays harvesting per week potential

  • Crops – Diverse crops including microgreens, lettuces, kale, and herbs

  • Average Monthly Yield – 2.5-3 oz per port plus over 1,200lbs. of microgreens

  • Distribution Model: 75:25 Wholesale-Retail

  • Wholesale to restaurants, local market, and direct to customer