Anaerobic Biodigestion

The Optional Biodigester has 6 major benefits.

  1. Eliminate food waste and plant scraps

  2. Provides additional CO2 for better plant growth and health

  3. Produces biogas which can be used as a supplementary heat source inside the Agrocapsule

  4. Produces nutrient dense organic fertilizer

  5. Can be constructed using up to 75% recycled locally sourced parts

  6. Entire system uses minimum space

  • Biodigestion is the natural way to convert waste organics (including bones and other organics that cannot be traditionally composted) into a nutrient dense NPK liquid fertilizer to grow more plants. Biodigestate (the organic liquid fertilizer) reduces the need for additional minerals or chemicals for growing system operation. The process also makes safe, clean burning biogas which can be used for additional heating inside the Agrocapsule.

  • Biogas burns clean releasing water vapour and CO2 as a beneficial by-product from combustion. Plants need CO2 so this can be used as a free source of CO2 supplementation for optimum plant growth.

  • Burning the freely generated biogas as an additional heat source reduces the amount of conventional fossil fuel heating required to maintain the Agrocapsule at growing temperatures year round. Biogas heating reduces the carbon footprint that would be generated by the community to grow food using 100% conventional heating methods.

Generally, a biodigester can be constructed using up to 75% recycled parts sourced from the local area. The typical installation inside/outside the Agrotunnel consists of a Biodigester tank, Fertilizer storage tank and Biogas reservoir (gasometer).

The entire biodigestion system only requires 54 sq. ft of space to operate.

Anaerobic Biodigestion reduces greenhouse gases produced by diverting waste food and plant matter that would otherwise break down into harmful methane and be released into the atmosphere in landfill. Additionally, an on-site biodigester reduces the Carbon that would have been generated by the transport and handling required to deal with this waste in municipal landfill or waste management facilities.

Biogas when burned, fully consumes this captured methane and returns the CO2 (originally trapped in the plant cells) to be reused and recycled in the next growing cycle.

Anaerobic Biodigestion is a "Carbon Neutral" process and as such it may even generate additional Carbon Tax Credits for your community.

See How Biodigestion Works At This Outdoor Digester We've Built In Etobicoke

Free Supplemental Heat - Free CO2 from Burning - Free nutrient dense plant fertilizer

All produced on site with this completely safe and natural process

Anaerobic Biodigestion

Grow Food - Recycle Food/Plant Waste - 75% Recycled Materials - Clean Burning

Better Than Composting