A New Approach To Indoor Growing

It has been a very busy spring! 
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Food Security Structures Canada is proud to provide the latest in ag-technology to empower our clients to grow high quality, fresh, nutritious produce in any environment regardless of the climate or time of year. FSSC provides turnkey, easy to assemble, scalable and sustainable vertical farming structures that can be implemented to help combat and protect against food insecurity. Our technology and suite of products are engineered for ease of operation, maximum efficiency and low operational costs. Together they provide high yields using minimal resources for maximum results.  

This state of the art, climate controlled, antibacterial, nourishing environment is ideal for indoor cultivation. The sealed and insulated parabolic structure creates an environment with: an optimal internal temperature; controlled moisture content; an ideal CO2 concentration; and high energy efficiency; and is unaffected by season or temperature.

Unique deep penetrating wavelengths excite molecular activity to provide an efficient way to maximise photosynthesis and increase grow performance without producing heat.  The effects are maximised by the reflective surface of the Agrotunnel's parabolic walls.

Plants grow in high-density soilless vertical walls units and their roots are supplied with the optimum amount of nutrient-rich pure water throughout all stages of development. Unlike any other system on the market, plants grow from seed to harvest in the same growth pod.

The modular, scalable design is ideal for a wide variety of application including remote locations and urban food deserts. The configuration of both the contents and the tunnels themselves can be customized to meet the needs of any community. This allows for hyper-local, fresh produce to be produced with weekly harvests, year round, in even the harshest environments in the world. 

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