Using a unique blend of full-spectrum lighting, Far-red and invisible Penetrative Spectrum Chipset (PSC), Better Grow Lights provide the best and most energy efficient grow lights available today.

  • Better light quality – a blend of natural daylight, Emerson effect and stimulating spectrums

  • Better stem & leaf growth with less plant stress - higher and faster yields

  • Better water consumption - reduced water usage and cost

  • Better plant density - our unique PSC penetrates the entire plant and leaf canopy

  • Better CO2 uptake - healthier, faster producing plants more resistant to pests & disease

  • Better heat management – less heat means less plant dehydration and lower cooling costs

  • Better root development – stronger, healthier plants with higher yields

  • Better photosynthesis, respiration, nutrition absorption, and overall product quality

  • Better energy conservation - a fraction of the cost of running typical grow lights

Available in 180o and 360o models, these eco-friendly grow lights are:

  • Lightweight - Low shipping cost/fixture

  • Safe - 24VDC operation is safe for workers, plants and others.

  • Off-Grid - Lights can be connected directly to solar, wind or other off-grid power operation possibilities

  • Durable - Impact resistant design survives shipping & daily use and abuse. Heat, Cold, Humidity & Water resistant

  • Low Power - 30, 75 or 100 watt lights (significantly less power needed compared to typical full spectrum grow lights)

  • Long Life - No parts to wear out or replace


Better Grow Lights 180C.pdf


Better Grow Lights 360A.pdf
Better Grow Lights 180A.pdf