From The Front-Lines

Food Security Structures Canada has had the pleasure and honour to work with a variety of clients across Canada and around the world.   Here are just a few of their stories from the front-lines of growing.

Beekist Growers

Beekist Growers is a family-owned business specializing in growing fresh, high quality local herbs, lettuces and microgreens. Operating in Oxford County, Ontario, Jeremy & Sarah Van Maar grow all year round in their controlled-climate aeroponic growing facility delivering organically grown produce. This dynamic couple is blazing the way for farming innovation by adding the production of fresh, nutritious greens and herbs to the existing farm operations as part of the 3rd generation family farm.

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Adragone Aeroponics

Adragone Aeroponics is a high-tech indoor farm founded by Jody Spangler in Chester County, Pennsylvania.  The original farm was known as Windy Hill Farm and was established in the late 1700s. The family has enjoyed growing and harvesting fresh produce for 5 generations.

Adragone was founded upon the belief that it is necessary to preserve the environment, including water, open space, and real estate, to ensure the future health of our planet and ourselves. Jody has proven results showing how vertical aeroponic growing systems allows for minimal water use while maximizing growing space and producing very high crop yields.

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Amherst-Island MicroGreens

Amherst-Island MicroGreens offers nutrient dense Microgreens to the residents of Amherst Island, providing access to fresh, nutritious greens all year round to this island community in Eastern Ontario.  Utilizing the unique lighting and growing technologies provided by FSSC, they have maximized yields and reduced operating costs, providing a solid ROI on their crops.

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