A New Approach To Indoor Growing

Grow high quality, organic, fresh produce with unique flavours and unmatched taste within any environment in the world independently from land, climate or time of year. Our technology creates the most advanced and highest yielding indoor environment for high-density cultivation engineered for easy operation, maximum efficiency and low operational costs.

State of the art, climate controlled, antibacterial, nourishing environments for indoor cultivation. The insulated and sealed parabolic structure provides high energy efficiency, optimum internal temperatures, controlled moisture, ideal CO2 concentration, unaffected by season or temperature.

Unique deep penetrating wavelengths excite molecular activity to provide an efficient way to maximise photosynthesis and increase grow performance without heat, with effects maximised by the reflective surface of the Agrotunnel parabolic walls

Plants grow in high-density soilless vertical walls units with roots supplied with an optimum amount of nutrient-rich pure water throughout all stages of development. Unlike any other system on the market, plants grow from seed to harvest in the same growth pod.

Designed to be scalable for remote locations as well as urban food deserts, these integrated systems are scalable to suit the needs of the community.
This allows hyper-local, fresh produce to be produced with weekly harvests, year round, in the harshest regions of the world.
Complete systems to grow high-density, affordable food, indoors, year round - in the world's most challenging locations.

An All-Star Team of Best In Class Growing Technology

  1. The Growing Structure - Modular GMH Technology fiber reinforced polymer design is used for housing and shelter around the world in all weather conditions. Fire rated and hurricane/tornado resistant.

  2. Vertical Grow Walls - using 90% less water than outdoor growing and able to produce more than 2.3 harvests per month. The walls and lights operate at 24VDC to allow for OFF-GRID growing when needed.

  3. Lighting System - Low voltage, low wattage Better Grow Lights offer long life, are light weight and allow 24 hour operation for faster yields. Our exclusive far-red & PSC (recipe) is the next step in indoor growing technology.

  4. Anaerobic Biodigester - A better solution than composting, biodigestion consumes all of the plant and food waste generated on site and converts it into clean burning, safe biogas for heating and added CO2 the process also creates a nutrient rich, liquid organic fertilizer for the plants. This carbon neutral process reduces the overall demand on the structure for other carbon generating heating and nutrient sources.

  5. CO2 Supplementation - the airtight design of the structure allows for the raising of the CO2 levels within the entire growing space to better match the needs of the plants being grown inside. Increased CO2 can speed up plant growth and produce production by 25%-50%.